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January 24 th: the “Les Passerelles” bar closes the “Cognac Cocktail Connexion”

From 21 November 2018 to 24 January 2019, the “Cognac Cocktail Connection” is back for a 6th edition. For the occasion, four evenings will be organised for the general public on the theme: “Cognac & Cocktails” with the participation of four major metropolitan establishments. On Thursday 24 January, the “Les Passerelles” bar at the Parisian hotel Parister (9th arrondissement) will host the last stop of the event. An opportunity for the curious to discover its luxurious and contemporary setting, over a glass of cognac.

Rumours are already circulating, dedicating it to the new place to be of the French cocktail. This 5-star establishment slowly took its place a year ago, in a small confidential street a few heels from the Folies Bergère. Design, well-being and comfort characterize this new generation hotel governed by Nicolas Nonon (already owner of the Verneuil hotel on the left bank), and Maxime Brabant.

Lovers of high quality blends sneak down behind the velvet curtains on the ground floor, where shakers shake and whisper ice cubes. Wooded walls, velvety benches, marbled tables, copper counter: welcome to the warm atmosphere of the hotel’s Les Passerelles bar. Barman chef Lilya Sekkal (beautiful references with the Conserverie and Golden Promise) now leads the largest collection of French malted aged vintages but also a well-calibrated cocktail menu that highlights the national terroir of this spirit. Cognac also holds a privileged place there thanks to the expertise of this talent of the shaker in the eyes of the feline “Mon dernier coup de coeur is a cuvée made from mad white wine for its delicate and fruity notes.

Cognac is the emblematic French brandy, it has a history to share with our customers. We know the classics Sazerac and Vieux Carré but my ambition is to break the codes of short drinks with cognac. I would like to offer it a new face in a cocktail with recipes that rhyme with freshness, and fruity flavours. It must be discovered and rediscovered by a large number of palates. “Modern inventions designed for the occasion by this cocktail revolutionary. Not to be missed under any circumstances.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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