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Japanese whisky prices doubled in five years

We answer in our article to the question of why the prices of Japanese whisky are increasing all the time.

Longtime tradition, although more recent than others, Japanese whisky knows its first distillery in 1924, that of Suntory. When the United States brought whisky to Japan in the 19th century, Americans are now looking for Japanese whisky. In this country, the stockout is real and prices increase based on speculation, or not.

The prices of whisky bottles are at least, for example, 450 euros for a Suntory 25 years. In larger figures, we find the shot or glasses of whiskey in bars in New York for up to 500 dollars. But beyond that, whisky auctions where the price of a bottle easily reaches 900,000 dollars.

A passion for Japanese whisky grows steadily and is in part to its excellence in single malt whiskies. This type of whisky seduces more than one person and also bartenders that have been prepared in mixology for large houses of Japanese whisky.

Today, whisky distilleries work day and night to achieve production that meets demand. The Nikka distillery, for example, boosts its production by 20 percent with double shifts.

At the current rate of production, the Japanese whisky market is expected to reach a value of $148 billion by 2023, according to Euromonitor International. In fact, it is estimated that demand will increase by 7 percent annually by 2022, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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