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Jeff Arnett Named Master Distiller of the Year

Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller received the “Master Distiller of the Year” award for Whisky Magazine. We tell everything here.

The awards, one of the greatest personal awards the magazine and the industry awards took place in Tennessee.

Arnett won the award and stood out among other master distillers nominated from well-known distilleries. For example: Denny Potter (Heaven Hill Distillery), Greg Davis (Maker’s Mark Distillery), Harlen Wheatley (Buffalo Trace Distillery) and John Little (Smooth Ambler Spirits).


Jeff Arnett

Having been appointed Master Distiller in 2008 for the Jack Daniel distillery, Arnett still oversees the whiskey production process today. Milling, yeast, fermentation, distillation, charcoal ripening and ripening are his responsibilities. And beyond that, concentrate on ensuring that these factors ensure the consistent assortment of the world’s best-selling whiskey.

This is not the first time that Jeff Arnett has won the Master Distiller of the Year award. In fact, in 2017, he received this award honored by Whisky Magazine.

Arnett is one of the few to receive this award in the history of the distillery that began in 1866.

His career began with a degree in industrial engineering and working in the food and beverage industry for 11 years before moving to Lynchburg in 2011. It is in this city that Jack Daniel’s headquarters are located.


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