Martell has just inaugurated a cognac circuit in its historic site

This Friday the prestigious French cognac house, Martell, inaugurated a cognac circuit, an interactive and sensory journey through the history of the brand.

Martell The Journey, is the new visiting circuit of the cognac house. Launched on May 17, the circuit offers an interactive and immersive experience at its historic site Gâtebourse. It is more than a digital tour, because the human factor is present thanks to the accompaniment of experts from Maison Martell who accompany visitors and answer questions.

As part of the experience, it allows visitors to choose their own discovery circuit according to their interests and sensibilities. The three themes “Héritage”, “Savoir-Faire” and “Part des Anges” offer different and complementary perspectives on the Martell house. The visitor in turn becomes an actor and spectator thanks to the immersion in the experience.

Héritage Tour: it illustrates the archives of the house very well, it covers its history and its development on an international level since its foundation by Jean Martell in 1715.

Savoir-Faire Tour: offers an encounter with historical partners and experts who contribute to the creation of Martell cognac as well as to the House’s worldwide reputation for excellence and expertise.

Part des Anges tour: a multi-sensorial tour with new interactive facilities that allow visitors to explore cognac in a completely new way.

At the end of the tour, visitors will have been imbued with the specificities of terroir, distillation and ageing that give Martell its unique taste: the words, aromas and even the sounds of the Martell cognac-making process and its tasting methods.

And we can not overlook the recommendation of the house and visit the rooftop of the Maison Martell, Indigo by Martell. Open from 2 May to 29 September, enjoy special cognac cocktails created by experienced bartenders.

You can book your experience through the online booking service or contact Martell directly at or by calling

Access 16, Paul Firino Martell Avenue in Cognac
Open every day from 10h00 to 19h00 from 2 May to 31 October.
Price: 20€/person
Free visit (possibility of visits in Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, on request)


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.