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Mezcal industry and Oaxaca government meet with the Quebec Alcohol Society

Oaxaca de Juárez – The Secretary of Economic Development of the state (Sedeco) held a meeting with representatives of the Society of Alcohol of Quebec (SAQ, corporation and monopoly of the Canadian government), in order to strengthen ties that allow the Oaxacan mezcal industry in that country.

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Members of the Consejo Regulador de la Calidad del Mezcal de México (Comercam); Racimo de Mezcal; Mujeres de Mezcal, Maguey de México; Cámara Nacional de la Industria del Mezcal AC (Canaimez); the Asociación de Magueyes y Mezcaleros Artesanales AC (AMMA) and mezcaleros de San Dionisio Ocotepec.

The representatives of the chambers, councils and associations present clarified their doubts on the subject of exporting to Canada; the labeling rules, physical-chemical characteristics of the mezcals and the way in which they would work with the SAQ and the state government.

The traditional cook announced that she will present her dishes together with renowned chefs and restaurants in the framework of the Tabasco 2023 Fair.


Mezcal Industry in Quebec to develop

The Undersecretary of Trade and Investment Attraction of Sedeco, Íñigo Arturo Aragón García, highlighted the importance of this approach to open commercialization spaces between Oaxaca and Canada, which will benefit the mezcal producers of Oaxaca.

García extended an invitation to SAQ representatives to attend the Guelaguetza 2023, the Mezcal Fair, so that they can learn about part of the Oaxacan culture and pointed out that their participation in future business rounds will allow a direct dialogue without intermediaries with Oaxacan producers.

During the meeting, Sedeco’s Strategic Projects Coordinator María Fernanda Elías referred to the quality and level of competitiveness of Oaxacan mezcals compared to other alcoholic beverages, as well as compliance with certification from the planting of maguey or cultivated or wild agave to bottling.

Preserving the identity of this spirit, caring for the agaves and the community, as well as biodiversity are part of the principles of this 100% Oaxacan brand, which is sustained by the work of 62 families.

For his part, the director of SAQ’s Accounts, Celebrations and Cocktail Area, Simon Bourbeau, presented the digital platform, through which alcoholic beverages are marketed in Quebec and where prepared ciders, beers, white, rosé and sparkling wines, gin, rum, vodka and tequila, among others, are offered.

In that sense, he said that they distribute with high levels of certification and with socially responsible companies, so that the customer has quality products; In addition, they distribute cards of their program “Inspiration” to give discounts and collect information from their customers to serve them better and from there they carry out sales strategies, “which can mean a business opportunity for Oaxaca”.


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