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Our/Vodka releases a sustainable vodka flavored with basil

Our/New York has teamed up with Rethink Food to create a limited edition sustainable vodka with local ingredients.

Pernod Ricard Our/Vodka’s, Our/New York, debuted a sustainable edition of its vodka. This Our New York/Basil edition, infused with basil, has been created in partnership with the nonprofit Rethink Food. The basil comes from Square Roots Farm in Brooklyn, New York.

Our/Vodka has several microdistilleries around the world, and for this edition they worked at their sixth location, in New York. It is worth noting that Our/New York is the first distillery in Manhattan to open after prohibition.

To create this vodka, they infused hand-cut basil for 24 hours, and combined it with a blend of spirit and water. The infused liquid is then filtered and distilled to remove the basil. To keep it a sustainable spirit, they have also used local water and a neutral corn spirit, before hand-bottling the vodka at the distillery.

Thanks to a partnership with Rethink Food, they have been able to create this product. The partnership converts surplus food into meals for communities affected by food shortages.


Only 1800 bottles available | An ally for mixology

In the words of Dave Ortiz, Our/New York local partner: “We are thrilled to align with local partners to repurpose this beautiful ingredient and use it to create something truly unique: a “sustainable spirit“.

Our/New York Basil also lends itself well to mixology. In fact, the brand has already unveiled a number of cocktail recipes to make. The Garden Mule, with lemon juice and ginger beer; Midnight Mary, a version of the Bloody Mary; the Basil & Soda or the Basil Rathbone.

Working with a fresh ingredient like basil is an intricate process that takes a lot of time and care to achieve. It is a complex, yet familiar flavor. It makes for a really appealing drink on its own or in any cocktail.”

Photo: Our/New York

Only 1,800 bottles are available for this edition, which can be purchased at authorized retailers. Our/Vodka basil is also available on bars and restaurants of New York City.

Among other projects, the distillery took the opportunity to announce that in the future they will work with local artists and farms to create products.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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