New Orleans. At Tales of The Cocktail William Grant & Sons opened with a 0% alcohol party

We have previously discussed how non-alcoholic drinks and spirits are getting into the nightlife and tasting sessions. Launch of alcohol-free gin, low ABV cocktails… This is all with the intention of tasting exquisite spirits and promoting awareness when tasting. And just as William Grant & Sons had been announcing it, they decided to have a 0% alcohol party. Via Forbes.

For Tales Of The Cocktail 2018, the William Grant & Sons Liquor Group hosted, as usual, the opening party of the most famous event. This year the focus was on promoting moderate and responsible alcohol consumption. Therefore a party with non-alcoholic cocktails was entirely possible. Between the rise of new liquors and the bartender’s hectic world, it seems right to encourage this responsible and moderate awareness of alcohol to focus equally on the well-being and health of the experts behind the bar.

It is admirable the approach William Grant & Sons took for this year in a growing bartender environment in which both young and old alike participate. Non-alcoholic cocktails also represent a challenge for bartenders, since recreating the aromas of certain cocktail bases, such as whisky or gin, requires imagination and a knowledge of the ingredients that will supplant that taste.


Photo: Bartenders Julia Momose (izquierda) y Pamela Wiznitzer. Josh Brasted Photography.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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