Three questions to Claude Sarda, creator of the Pyrenean fir trees liqueur Altimunt

We spoke to Claude Sarda, French independent producer of the liqueur Altimunt, from the Pyrenean trees.

Creator of the ALTIMUNT Fir Liqueur in 2013, producer Claude Sarda introduced this spirit, as well as another range of products. These products have extended the family of grocery products based on the king of forests: the fir tree.

Pyrenean fir trees located at an altitude of 1720 m from which he picks the cones and buds to make the liqueur.

We had the pleasure of exchanging words with Claude Sarda to discuss in depth his ALTIMUNT fir liqueur, in three essential questions. Welcome to “Three questions with Claude Sarda.”


ALTIMUNT Fir Liqueur


SH: How did this idea come to your mind?

CS: there are many mountain plant liqueurs (e.g. Genépi) that are generally found in the Alps, but paradoxically, I had not found or seen any similar liqueur in the French Pyrenees. In addition, during my contacts, some Chefs had also suggested that I consider a Liqueur. So developing a 1st Pyrenean Fir Liqueur was in line with the development of our product range. For this, I relied on the wise advice of a local liqueur maker, based in Corbère in the Eastern Pyrenees, and together we worked to find the best recipe using 3 main ingredients: fir cones, fir buds and finally our fir syrup. After several tests, I validated a first recipe that we will pack in a few days, then we will prepare a second one that will arrive in December.


And does this fir liqueur exist elsewhere?

CS: From Sapin itself, I am not sure, but a traditional, organic Liqueur, made from the 3 ingredients: fir cones, buds and fir syrup, it will be the one and only one in the world.


How do you drink this liqueur?

CS: Tasting tests with a few customers have shown a wide range of uses for our ALTIMUNT Liqueur. Some sommeliers have suggested to drink it as an aperitif, very fresh, on a bed of ice cubes. But also in cocktails. Others, of course, see it as a digestive. Perfectly served at room temperature or slightly cooled. And finally, some Chefs are already considering incorporating it into recipes, mainly for autumn and winter.



How many degrees does it have of liquor?

The 1st ALTIMUNT Liqueur, which will be released in October, will be 17.5° (i.e. at the level of a natural sweet wine), the 2nd in December will be a little stronger between 30 and 35° depending on the final blend chosen. Finally for 2019, I hope to propose a liqueur around 40-45° from a distillation – to be continued.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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