France. Queen of Diamonds – Where You Wanna Go

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We introduce you to the French band, Queen Of Diamonds. In their second album of 2015 entitled Concrete Skies, they present Where You Wanna Go, with, as they themselves say, a Californian rock sound.

We chose for our playlist of Spirits Hunters the song Where You Wanna Go, with which they open the tracklist of the album. Concrete Skies plays a distortion with an overdrive level much more powerful than we can see in the tracks of his previous album Mis(s) Behavior. That’s when Where You Wanna Go comes into play. An injection of adrenaline and movement that completely blurs the panorama of any song from his previous album and the one that comes closest to this sound is Can’t stop won’t stop, but the change is evident and vast.

Compared by many with bands like Paramore and No Doubt -beyond the fact that their frontman is female-, the sound they evoke is wandered around. More and more French bands are joining us to create this kind of pop rock that in the present era and in the not too distant future, will end up forming their own gaulois style and we will begin to make references among themselves. Rachel, Fafo, Olive and Damo, have all their hopes set on this type of production that when we sit down to listen and compare we deduce that it completely wipes out Mis(s) Behavior.

By the way, do you know cocktails with a similar name? It’s the Diamond Fizz!


France. Queen of Diamonds - Where You Wanna Go

Queen of Diamonds – Concrete Skies©


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