Old rum whipped cream by Kelly Rangama

Kelly Rangama, a chef from Reunion Island, made a name for herself during her participation in the eighth edition of the Top Chef competition in France. She has been passionate about cooking since she was a child, and she is now a chef in a gourmet restaurant in Paris. In homage to her native island, she offers a spicy and sunny cuisine. Such is the case with her recipe for whipped cream with old rum.


Ingredients :

– 3 cl old rum

– 250 g liquid cream

– 250 g caster sugar

– 2 vanilla pods



Start by pouring the cream into a round bottom mixing bowl. Then, add vanilla beans after having scraped them. Whip the cream with the help of a whisk. Remember to tilt the mixing bowl so that air can be incorporated into the whipped cream. Add the caster sugar, then continue to whisk. Finally, add the old rum. To finish up, tighten the whipped cream by whisking once more.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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