Sloe gin: do it yourself, learn how to make it at home

Do you know the sloe gin? We tell you all about this “gin”, and how to prepare it at home, read all about it below.

There is a wide range of plants that we can use to create our food products such as jellies, sweets or for medicinal purposes, but if we are talking about cocktails we can even consider whether it will be very complicated to create a liqueur recipe with garden plants.

We have thought about this fact and which fruits can be grown to create your own liqueur. Prunus spinosa is one of them, or better known as blackthorn or sloe berry. This fruit only grows during the cold season from autumn onwards and by the months of April and May are ready to harvest and at the perfect point to create your sloe gin.


How to make sloe gin?

To make it you will need:

500 g of sloe berries
Between 250 g and 350 g of sugar
1 litre of any type of gin

Puncture the sloes with a fork and add them to a sterilized bottle with a lid. Then add the sugar and the gin. Cover and shake and store in a cool, dark place, stirring daily until the sugar has dissolved. You have to wait at least three months, until it has taken a light color to beaujolais, finally you drain the sloes and bottle it.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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