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Cuban Rum, More Than Pirates and Buccaneers

Richard Potts provides an in-depth analysis of Cuba and the secrets of rum in his article “Cuba and the Secrets Behind Good Rum.”

Going through the history of how rum was born, to the chemical definition of rum, Potts reveals the secrets of rum that to this day science examines in depth its details and mysteries in search of a better and more productive industry of quality.

It all begins with the discovery of sugarcane honey, a key ingredient to produce a cheaper alcoholic beverage. Soon buccaneers and pirates adopted the consumption of this primitive, thick and strong rum.

Today, certain aspects of rum continue to be perfected. Specialists such as Emilio Echevarria explain that rums such as Havana Club have sensory systems for evaluating both the finished product and the different stages of the process in order to achieve the best final quality. Havana Club is one of the Cuban rum brands that has made the most progress, especially after its alliance with Pernod Ricard.

The oak in the maturation of rum

Another important point is the enigma of the oak. The oak is recognized as an ideal wood for maturation. Juan Carlos Gonzalez, a researcher, studies oak and its effects on the maturation of rum. Why is it ideal for rum? To find out, we have designed a research strategy to better understand the process and have elements to improve production technology,” explains Gonzalez.

Hand in hand with technology to advance

Cuba has always produced good rum empirically, explains Echevarria. Progress in rum production is important for the country because it is a major factor in the economy. Research is a valuable contribution not only to improve the quality of production but also to technological knowledge to satisfy demand.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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