Five keys to taste the Japanese’s favorite alcohol: sake

More than a drink, sake is a rice wine and an art that has been part of Japanese culture for nearly 2000 years. Here are 5 things to know about the famous sake:


Is it the rice alcohol offered in Chinese restaurants ?

No, sake is not the kind of sorghum alcohol flavored with rose, warm and harsh, often served at the end of a meal. In France, it is also called sake, hence the confusion, but has nothing in common with its elegant Japanese namesake, if only because of its questionable taste or its much higher alcohol content (40°). As a result, many people think that sake is not a good alcohol…


How to decipher the label ?

The criterion for differentiating sake is the rate of rice polishing (seimaibuai), which consists in removing the outer layer of the grain: the more polished the rice, the more aromatic the sake.


Is it a drink for childcare ?

It is generally consumed during the year and the notion of vintage is almost non-existent.


At what temperature should it be served ?

The ambient temperature is a good compromise!


Can we drink sake with the meal ?

Japanese cuisine is of course the most obvious pairing, but you can drink it with all seafood products.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.