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Sustainable Vodka: Captured CO2 Bottle Developed

New York-based Air Company continues its sustainable vodka project by creating a bottle with captured CO2 and hydrogen from water and wind.

They announced a few months ago the creation of the world’s most sustainable alcohol. Air Company, the Brooklyn-based company has decided to work with the technology that many companies today are turning to: CO2 capture.

This technology works by separating CO2 from other gases using expensive solvents that attract molecules like iron to a magnet. Once captured, the CO2 can be buried underground in places like depleted oil and gas wells, where it will remain for centuries. But in addition to the high cost of such technology, it is important to understand how to transport the CO2 and find the ideal geological structures to store it.

With carbon capture and utilization (CCU), CO2 is used to make products that can be sold to fund the scale-up of its technologies, from plastics and building materials to beverages and food.

The “world’s most sustainable vodka”

Brooklyn-based Air Company, for example, claims to have created the “world’s most sustainable alcohol”. To create sustainable vodka, they mix captured CO2 with hydrogen made from water and wind power. Their alcoholic beverages can be converted into a variety of consumer goods, including vodka, priced at $65 a bottle.

Using the same area of land, our technology absorbs CO2 at 100 times the rate of a well-manicured forest,” says Air Company co-founder Gregory Constantine.

Air Vodka sustainable vodka is sugar-free, gluten-free, and carbohydrate-free and comes in a sleek 750 ml bottle.

Air Vodka is the world’s cleanest, highest quality, and most sustainable spirit. It’s also the world’s first carbon-negative spirit. This spirit is engineered to help create a world with cleaner air—the perfect way to balance indulgence with impact. It’s clean and crisp with a smooth finish and is best sipped on the rocks or in a martini, or Airtini as we call it.

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