On the trail of the first French single malt “Armorik” whisky

It is in Brittany, on the Côte de Granit Rose, that was born just twenty years ago Armorik, the first french single malt.


Whisky stills, Scottish inspiration but made in Charente.


To mark this historic anniversary, Warenghem, the century-old distillery that develops it, has just launched on the market, the first 10 years old whisky to integrate a permanent range of whiskey in France. A first batch of 2000 bottles was published for the occasion.


Gilles Leizour, who launched Warenghem into whisky, and his son-in-law David Roussier (current director of the distillery) to whom he handed over the reins.


Aged nine years in old bourbon barrels and three years in sherry casks, this 10-year-old develops fruit flavours, complemented by a taste of citrus and almond paste. At the tasting, one also notes a rich and fat consistency, where the red berries reveal as much as a after-taste of honey.


Warenghem oak barrel.


The distillery Warenghem is located at 22300 Lannion, Route de Guingamp, Boutill, in Brittany. Note that in early 1900, the distillery produced fruit and plant liqueur before turning to the manufacture of the elixir of Armorica. Since then, the company’s know-how and experience have been rewarded on many occasions.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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