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The Singapore bar that opts for zero waste

Get to know the Singapore bar scene and how they work towards zero waste in cocktail making.

One of these Singapore bars that opt for the practice of zero waste, is Native. One of the best bars in the world according to the list of the renowned World’s 50 Best Bars. A modest bar, which nevertheless suggests an idealism for a sustainable future.

In charge of the bar, Vijay Mudaliar. “We’re using ingredients our grandparents used to use.” Says Vijay to The Daily Beast. “Singapore has seen a growing culture of importation. We tend to forget that we can grow typical ingredients that have been grown for a long time. Instead of bringing in, for example, strawberries.”

It’s worth noting that at Native, over sixty of the spirits they use are made in different parts of Asia. Pineapple skin, old coconut, laksa leaves, and kombucha pine are all on the menu.

One of the sustainability techniques Vijay applies is to count everything the staff throws away. Mostly, it’s stuff the customers bring in, like candy wrappers or tissues. In addition, all empty liquor bottles are recycled or reused. Some bottles are returned to distilleries such as Rachelle the Rabbit, who supply the bar. Here, the bottles are sanitized and refilled. At Native, even the coasters are sustainable. They are made from lotus leaves, which allows them to be reused at least 20 times before they are composted. And of course, there are no straws here, one of the most polluting elements coming from a bar.


The use of energy

Another important aspect of Native is its use of energy. Thanks to the use of LED light bulbs and solar energy they save on causing impact on the environment. And it is possible, that by next year, they will install their own solar panels. As for the furniture, it is made of recycled wood for greater value, upcycling. The walls, on the other hand, are worked with a Japanese method called shikkui. It consists of covering them with a light layer of porous algae, which diffuses the humidity in the room.

Another important practice that occurs every day after the bar closes in Native is the cleaning of the cloth napkins. Someone from the team takes home a bag of dirty cloth and washes them. Then they take turns.


More sustainable bars in Singapore

Other well-known bars in Singapore make use of sustainable practices. For example, Atlas, and MO.

To find out more about Singapore’s sustainable bar scene, click here.


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