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These environmentally conscious bars in Paris that set the example

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Eco-friendly awareness, favoring organic and sustainable ingredients, are the key features of these bars in Paris that make a difference in the face of climate change.

It is a trend. And not because it’s a trend. Becoming aware of the serious and real climate change that our world is suffering is an obligation. In Paris, as in other cities around the world such as Singapore to cite one example, the bars act by offering another approach to mixology. As part of the sixth edition of the Paris Cocktail Week, which focuses on the green theme, the bars take the opportunity to explore this issue in greater depth.

To make a good cocktail you need to use good ingredients. And this does not always mean fruit or vegetables that are beautiful on the outside. In recent years one of the advances has been to buy directly from local producers. This reduces the carbon footprint and works with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also, it avoids discarding certain fruits and vegetables that are “too ugly” for restaurants and bars.

Among other actions, there is a trend to use fewer lemons outside of their growing season. To replace lemon juice, they use verjuice, an acidic juice extracted from white grapes or apples. The aromatic result is the same.

Some bars in Paris that are in constant evolution and green transition, are Les Grand Verres, Divine or el Bisou. Other bars, such as Mino, have their own orchard to grow their own aromatic plants.


The craft distilleries

We can’t forget the craft distilleries. They favor sustainable alcohol production with organic cereals and pure water, stored in reusable barrels. Thanks to these distilleries, bars can promote an approach to ecological awareness by using these types of alcohol.


Sustainable materials

Another very important aspect is the use of straws in cocktails. There are alternatives to the typical plastic straw, such as those made of cardboard or even reusable, in metal. Others are made from wheat or bagasse fibers, a fibrous waste derived from sugar cane. Glass cups will also be a must in this awareness, and besides of bringing a more sophisticated visual aspect.

Beyond this, other solutions include reusing the water from the melted ice to water the bushes or clean the bar. In addition, an ingredient to create foam for cocktails and an egg substitute, aquafaba, is also easy to obtain. Some bars tend to order the spare water from chickpeas to avoid throwing it away and use it in cocktails.



The Paris Cocktail Week took place from January 24th to February 1st in 50 bars in Paris. This year they focused on emphasizing ecological awareness and spirit free. Through master classes, meetings and tastings.


Do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Consume in moderation.


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