Oktoberfest: Autumn, a special season for beer brewing

Autumn marks a milestone in the beer brewing process. Indeed, it is a season where hops are harvested, which generally extend until the beginning of October. Producers are satisfied with their harvest, which has been growing steadily for the past five years. This year, for example, Hop Growers of America is banking on 53,000 tons of hops harvested throughout the United States, which is 658 tons better than the previous year.

Following the harvests, Oktoberfest is the beer festival that brings together breweries and hop drink lovers. A variety of activities are on the agenda of the event, but what participants enjoy most is being able to enjoy fresh beer. For this, they have the choice between several varieties: Fresh Hop Waterfall Wanderlust, Fresh Hop Eliot or Goschie Estate Fresh Hop Pilsner.

Brewers prefer to use dried hops for brewing, but they also use fresh hops. Even though brewing is more difficult in this case because of the high humidity, experts use ingenious techniques to get around the problem. The method of the Breakside Brewery is to freeze the ingredient with liquid nitrogen before reducing it to powder. This technique preserves the aromas, which facilitates their extraction.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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