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How to eat with champagne: 11 foods to avoid

Foods that you thought went very well with champagne do not go as well as you thought… we show you how to eat with champagne and we tell you 5 foods that you should avoid pairing.

Actually, it all depends on the type of champagne you choose, so be careful!


Champagne + chocolate: although it sounds very good, no. In any case, there are ways to do it. This is mainly because champagne must be sweeter to ally with types of chocolate such as milk chocolate or white chocolate. Dark chocolate on the other hand will work better with a dry type of champagne, i.e. Extra Brut, Brut Nature. We can pair both elements but intelligently.


Hard cheeses and French fries: hard cheeses and French fries go very well with extra dry champagne.


Pork/Duck: Pork and duck will pair very well with Blanc de Noirs champagne. This type of champagne, which looks white, was actually made from red grapes such as pinot noir and pinot meunier.


Desserts/Pasta: Desserts and pasta go well with rosé.


Asian food, seafood: select a brut champagne to taste Asian food (we think of tasty foods such as Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese…). As well as shellfish.


Creamy cheeses, fish: unlike hard cheeses, creamy cheeses will taste great with champagne or sparkling Blanc de Blancs, a champagne made exclusively with white chardonnay grapes.


Chicken – Foie Gras: for chicken and foie gras you can choose a demi-sec, that is, quite sweet, it will have between 33 and 50 grams of sugar per liter, to contrast with the strong tastes. Grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier are used.


We’ve just made you a few suggestions on how to eat with champagne with the meals mentioned above. But here are the ones you should NOT pair with champagne.

Extremely fatty foods. Think frozen pizzas, kebab, fried chicken…The fat can put unnecessary strain on the champagne.

Garlicky dishes. Dishes with strong garlic flavors can affect the quality of the champagne you are drinking by preventing it from lingering on the palate, beyond the flavors and acidity of the wine.

Very spicy dishes. Not exactly to avoid but if you are thinking of a curry, Extra Brut champagne can help you create a good pairing.

Tomatoes: their acidity can clash with that of champagne, in salads and even pasta.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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