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6 ready-to-drink cocktails recommended by Monsieur Cocktail

Patrice Plante, known as Monsieur Cocktail, proposes 6 ready-to-drink cocktails from Canada.

In this trend that is all the rage especially in the summer season, we discover a wide range of different brands offering ready-to-drink cocktails such as a Paloma, or others to mix like hard seltzers with fruit flavors.

Whether at home or outdoors, ready-to-drink drinks are practical and many are natural, gluten-free and even low in calories. Perfect for summer refreshment and ideal for their practicality.

Patrice Plante, author of l’Aventure de la Mixologie (2017), founded Monsieur Cocktail to allow anyone to become a cocktail professional at home.

More recently in 2020, Monsieur Cocktail also ventured into ready-to-drink drinks especially with cold-extracted fruit juices.

He proposes us 6 references to discover from various distilleries and producers in Canada, which in addition to having interesting tastes, visually the designs of the cans are spectacular.

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6 Canadian references of ready-to-drink cocktails


Distillerie 3 Lacs

Distillerie 3 Lacs offers its first ready-to-drink drink, a gin-based pink lemonade. It combines the freshness of grapefruit and the boldness of rosemary. It has a unique taste and with only 5% alcohol, it is perfect for introducing it in your improvised summer aperitifs.



For tequila lovers, you’ll find the next best thing to tequila in Paloma, this ready-to-drink cocktail made with agave spirit, grapefruit juice, lime and blood orange. Totally refreshing, to quench your summer thirst.


Distillerie Mariana

Distillerie Mariana offers the Avril Amaretto Fizz, inspired by the Italian amaretto liqueur. We find notes of roasted coffee, coconut and pure maple syrup, making this drink unique. It is sure to be in the bars and coolers of Quebec. A refreshing version of Amaretto Fizz with lemon and bubbles.


Bleu Royal Gin

We already know Bleu Royal for its blue gin. Now, they bring the Gin+Soda with red fruits. Made with fruits from Quebec and contains only 10g per can. Blackberry and blueberry.


La Dolce Vita Seltzer

On the hard seltzer side, we have Il Cosmo, a vodka-based soft drink, and Quebec’s first spirit-based seltzer for sale at the SAQ. A ready-to-drink vodka-based drink with cranberry flavors. It contains only 4% alcohol, 90 calories and 3g of organic cane sugar. It is also gluten-free.


Monsieur Cocktail

Patrice Plante brings us under his brand Monsieur Cocktail, Sangria aux Bleuets, a sangria of wild blueberries from Lac – Saint – Jean, and with Spanish cabernet. A very tasty drink, this cocktail in a can has a refined wine taste, very little sweetness and its finish is very subtly full of orange. Monsieur Cocktail is based on a real, natural and local philosophy for its ready-to-drink cocktails.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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