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An ideal cocktail for Thanksgiving according to Helen Rosner

Photo by Edsel Little 

According to Helen Rosner, you will only need this cocktail for Thanksgiving: The Boulevardier. Here’s how to make it.

This cocktail invented by, we don’t know who, but the first person to have his name next to the recipe was Erskine Gwynne. A young millionaire who travelled between Paris during the world wars. In addition to being good living and avid of literature. To make chronicles of his experiences he created the magazine The Boulevardier. But his claim to cocktails appeared in Barflies and Cocktails, a collection of beverage recipes by Harry MacElhone, the owner of the renowned Harry’s Bar in Paris.

Deep, somewhat heady, with a bitter, spicy and brilliant touch. That’s The Boulevardier. We show you how to prepare it.


The Boulevardier – a cocktail for thanksgiving

cocktail drink the boulevardier


60 ml bourbon or rye

30 ml of Campari

30 ml of Vermouth soft as Carpano Antica


A strip of lemon or orange for garnish

Type of glass

Martini, glass or rich Old Fashioned


First fill a mixing glass with ice and add the ingredients on top of the ice and stir everything. Filter the preparation into the glass of your choice with ice. Twist the lemon or orange strip into the glass and place it in the glass. There’s nothing left to do but enjoy and thank you for your Thanksgiving!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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