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Anecdote Cocktail with Julien Escot: #1 Le Byrrh Stinger

We love Cocktail Now. This beautiful bible that gathers 200 cocktails and its recipes will delight the eye and the palate if you succumb to temptation.

The art of living that the cocktail represents for Julien Escot is perfectly blurred by the highly visual recipes that deal with both history and style.  Without a doubt, because photography is one of Escot’s two passions.

Craft bartending is my expertise. I dedicated the last twenty years to it. Photography is my other major means of personal expression. These two passions each nourish one and one my creative process.” Julien Escot.

His bar, APERTURE, in Montpellier, was recently nominated among the top ten bars in the Top 10 Best New International Cocktail Bar of Tales of The Cocktails 2019. An experience you can’t doubt…

We then dared to ask Julien for an anecdote by each cocktail that caught our attention. Difficult choice. Tropical creations, classics, fusions and even alcohol-free cocktails! The names, all equally curious, also appealed to us.

The first recipe, Byrrh Stinger. A cocktail made from the classic and popular French aperitif made with cinchona, red wine and mistelle: Byrrh.


The Byrrh Stinger, an anecdote by Julien Escot

I had the idea to create this variant of the Stinger which is one of my favorite cocktails during my first visit to the Byrrh cellars in Thuir in the south of France. Byrrh’s notes of orange, cocoa and spices contrast well with the freshness of mint cream.”

Anecdote Cocktail with Julien Escot: #1 Le Byrrh Stinger

Byrrh Stinger Cocktail Recipe



50 ml Byrrh

4 / 6 mint leaves

30 ml Mint Pastille


Mint sprig


Pour the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake vigorously and then filter finely with the two strainers over the serving glass. Garnish and serve immediately.


Recipes from Cocktail Now

by Julien Escot



Anecdote Cocktail with Julien Escot: #1 Le Byrrh Stinger


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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