cocktail at bucherer intercontinental paris

Bucherer and bartender Kevin Fernandes create a special cocktail

The largest watch shop in Europe allies with bartender Kevin Fernandes of the Intercontinental Paris to create a special cocktail.

A unique creation. The cocktail party of bartender Kevin Fernandes originated at the sumptuous InterContinental Paris le Grand. Here, the French art de vivre breathes under a Second Empire décor. The name of the cocktail is “B by Bucherer”.

The cocktail imagined by Bucherer found its perfect partner with the talented bartender Kevin Fernandes and his team. The drink, is a blue cocktail, like the color of Bucherer, prepared with champagne, Cointreau infused with blue butterfly flower and vodka with blue tea.

To discover this cocktail, just go to the bar at the Grand Hôtel. It will be available on the menu at a price of 24 euros until March 31st, so don’t waste any time!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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