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Three exclusive cocktails by bartender Luca Cinalli

The bartender Luca Cinalli was invited for five days to the Shangri-La hotel bar in Hong Kong, occasion for which he prepared three exclusive cocktails.

During his special visit to the Shangri-La hotel bar in Hong Kong, Italian bartender and mixologist Luca Cinalli (@luca_cinalli_), responsible for the success of London speakeasy The Nighthar, concocted three specialty cocktails during his five-day residency at the Island Shangri-La’s Lobster Bar and Grill.


Three exclusive cocktail recipes signed by Luca Cinalli


Secret Cocktail # 2


50ml Calvados

30ml Eau de vies blend

25ml Pomelo juice

20ml Pine syrup

1pc Egg white


1. To make the Eau de vies blend: mix in equal parts kirsch, plum and raspberry

2. Pine syrup: mix water, caster sugar, dry pine

3. Mix the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker

4. Pour into a frozen glass




35ml Baijiu

35ml Lychee wine

15ml Osmanthus fragrans flower syrup

3tbsp Lemon/ Orange/ Jasmine tea


1. To make the Osmanthus fragrans flower syrup: mix water, caster sugar, lemon peel and Osmanthus tea

2. To make the Lemon/ Orange/ Jasmine tea: grate orange and lemon peel and mix with Jasmine tea

3. Flambé both mixtures together in a copper pan

4. Garnish with fresh frozen lychee


Los Banditos


40ml Blanco Tequila

2 tbsp Kale / Alligator pepper

50ml Aloe cream soda

20ml Lime juice

Garnish with dry savoury kale


1. To make the Kale / alligator pepper: juice the kale with slow juicer; grind the Alligator pepper using a spice blender and then, in a separate bowl, mix the kale and pepper with caster sugar

2. To make the Aloe Vera cream soda: mix aloe vera juice and rose extract and charge with carbon dioxide

3. To make the dry savoury kale garnish: mix fresh kale with sesame oil, rice vinegar, salt and pepper

4. Mix all the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker and garnish

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