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Five distilleries contributing to environmental sustainability

Photo by Tobias Weinhold in Unsplash

Distilleries are revolutionizing the way the industry contributes to environmental sustainability. Here are five distilleries producing spirits that bring important change to our environment.


1. Glenmorangie Scotch Whisky

We already know the beautiful work of restitution of the bay of Dornoch by Scotch whisky. This will help maintain filtered water and dispose of organic waste from the distillery. Thanks to the insertion of 20,000 oysters, the reef will create a life of about 200,000 oysters by 2021. Glenmorangie would have achieved zero impact in Dornoch by then. The project is undertaken in collaboration with DEEP, Heriot Watt University.


2. Cognac Hennessy

French cognac focuses on the reduction of fossil fuels. At cognac Hennessy, they use electric cars for this purpose and constitute the largest fleet of this type of vehicle of any private company in France. Thanks to this, they reduced their use of fossil fuels by 80%.


3. Prairie Organic Spirits

American distillers of Prairie gin and vodka allocate 1% of their sales to local farmers to invest in organic production. Their “Spirit of Change Fund” campaign is behind this transition initiative.


4. Tequila Patrón

Tequila Patrón deals with water treatment through the implementation of a natural gas pipeline as the main energy source. In this way they reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Furthermore, they created more than 5500 tons of organic fertilizer per year with leftover agave fiber. In addition, they have donated more than 16,000 trees to the Atotonilco area.


5. Novo Fogo Cachaça

Novo Fogo is a 100% sustainable distillery. In fact, they classified as zero waste, plus, are an organic distillery. This is mainly due to the use of wood to age its spirits. They concentrate their contribution to the environment through the careful selection of legally planted and non-hazardous wood.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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