tequila and mezcal brands successful in 2021

Tequila and mezcal brands destined for success in 2021

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With continuous success even during the pandemic, the mezcal and tequila category and these brands are expected to be successful by 2021.

The covid-19 pandemic was not a reason for the tequila and mezcal category to stop. In fact, these agave-based drinks continued to be successful from the United States to England. Although sales of both liquors are expected to fall 7% this year, there is a 5.5% chance of rebound.

While it is true that we could not enjoy drinks in bars and restaurants for a long time in 2020, the creation of cocktails and the tasting of liquors took place mostly at home. The pandemic effect moved the tasting to the house increasing the demand in e-commerce, as evidenced by the Patrón tequila brand.

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Among other factors, the continued transformation of the category into premium will lead to a high growth, according to Arturo Gajón, global brand manager for tequila at Brown-Forman.


The Spirits Business recapitulated the tequila and mezcal brands that can be very successful this year 2021.

Find them below:

Milagro Tequila

A brand stopped since 2011 by the Scottish firm William Grant & Sons. They recently bought a distillery in Mexico to provide the growth the brand deserves. They also updated the design of the bottle.



An original idea from former Bacardi CEO Mike Dolan. Mijenta is a sustainable tequila brand. For now it has a white tequila but plans to include a reposado, an añejo and a crystalline tequila. It is a relatively new brand that saw the day in September 2020 and seeks to position itself in European, Middle Eastern, Australian and Southeast Asian markets.


Ojo de Tigre

Through its three-year Transform and Accelerate plan, Pernod Ricard made several investments, including its second mezcal brand: Ojo de Tigre. This investment will enable Pernod Ricard to “recruit the next generation of drinkers”. This is what Pernod Ricard said, adding that the premium-plus mezcal category is witnessing “strong growth”.


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