The multiple uses of used beer grain

The grain used is the remnant of the beer production, and yes, beyond producing tasty beers provides multiple uses in food and daily life.

Pasta, biscuits, cereal bars, snacks, and even grain-based flour used to produce bread. These are some of the cooking advantages of used beer grain. Several breweries such as Bap Bap or the Brasserie de l’Être micro-brewery provide the grain for companies such as Ramen Tes Drêches or Resurrection in France. In the United States, Regrained creates cereal bars and Beer Food, appetizers in Belgium.

And that’s not all. Other uses include the manufacture of furniture by designers and cabinetmakers such as Franck Grossel, who mixes wood and compact cereals for his works.

Beyond this, there are incredible contributions to science. Recently scientists discovered a more effective way to insulate the cold. To retain heat inside a building, they have developed a window insulation made from the remnant of beer production, from which they extract a cellulose capable of developing an insulating gel.

It is estimated that a brewery produces around twenty kilos of grain used per hectolitre produced.


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