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France. The renowned French brewery Rivière d’Ain is world’s best beer of 2018

An independent brewery -Rivière d’Ain- owned by Patrice Pobel has won this year’s worls’s best beer prize at World Beer Idol 2018.

Patrice started fermenting his own beer in containers he set up on a radiator. Back then, his local brewery was called “Maison de Brasseur”. Proud of his region, he re-named his brewery after the Ain River that crosses nearby his home, raising the popularity in the area.

Now, the 18 year-old and traditional brewery-farm, mostly known for its quality craft beers, gets to be the best beer in the world, according to this competition. The World Beer Idol 2018 selected its winner by taking into account different beer styles and tastes.

Basically, anyone can sing up: brewers, importer, agents, and retailers around the globe. Winners receive recognition from the judges and acquire several prizes with extensive coverage and international promotion through trade. Among the rewards, they obtain high resolution logos, medals, certificates and trophies.

Brewing beer like cooking for those I love” is Patrice’s inspirational quote, the phrase that has led him to obtain this year’s most honored prize for the brewery commerce.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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