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5 Indian whiskies to know and taste

India is the main whisky consuming country in the world. In addition to the recognized brands, there are national whiskies widely appreciated in the country that you must know. Read more here.

Besides being the first whisky tasters in the world, India is home to 13 of the 25 best-selling whiskies in the world. Among the best known are Officer’s Choice, Imperial Blue and Blender’s Pride. However, there are other lesser-known whisky brands that stand out in the lot within the country.


1. Rampur Single Malt Whisky

Rampur is an exceptional quality whisky available in three types: Sherry PX, Vintage Select Casks and Double Cask. All three whiskies are very rich, and especially the Vintage Select Casks, which is amber-gold in color, is a single malt, unfiltered in cold, distilled and matured in the foothills of the Himalayas.


2. Amrut Single Malt Whisky

Distilled from rye grown in Northwest India. Amrut matures its American oak single malt whisky and ex bourbon before bottling. It stands out through its interesting and multifaceted character, intense notes of grain and barley, nuts, citrus and apricot on the nose. On the palate, barley, honey with hibiscus pepper, apricot and rum stand out, for an apple, apricot, green plum, malt and fruit finish.


3. Paul John Single Malt Whisky

Paul John is a whisky that has won international awards, such as the Spirits Business Awards 2020, something to be trusted to taste. This whisky is produced from six-row wheat on the tropical coast of Goa where Paul John’s single malts are born. The water, barley and yeast are local ingredients that the brand carefully selects in its geographical area. In addition, the tropical climate of Goa is ideal for this whisky to mature to perfection.


4. Woodburns Whisky

Wooburns is a malt whisky aged in oak wood barrels made by hand by the best coopers in the country. It is an intense, dark and distinct whisky produced at Fullarton Distilleries in Candepar, Goa. Its ingredients are 100% of Indian origin with no traces of scotch or foreign malts. An excellent whisky at an affordable price with notes of dark and smoked chocolate and a layer of peat.


5. Solan No. 1

A single malt whisky with a very good score created in the Himalayas. It comes from one of the oldest distilleries in India. A whisky renowned for the loyalty of its consumers who, by spreading the word, have created the fame of this whisky without a presence on social networks.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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