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We tasted it! Bellevoye French triple malt whisky

This is our whisky of the week. Bellevoye, the 1st 100% French triple malt whisky, was born in 2013 from the dreams of Jean Moueix and Alexandre Sirech.

An exquisite know-how represented in several styles: blue, white, red and black, and now green and plum, one for each palate, taste, bringing together French terroirs and raw materials.



Cheers! It smells candied apples to me.

Cheers! ample in mouth. And I detect a woody finish.

As for the Prune, fruity nose, abundantly greedy and fresh in the mouth.

While the nose of the Bellevoye Noir brings ashes, with toast. I like the tasty and peat mouth. Goes great with smoked fish.

We finally have our favorites!

Like my grandmother used to say, “Taste and colors are not always the same”.


Tasting notes

Bellevoye Green :

Style : Triple malt matured in old Calvados barrels.

43 % alc.

  • Slightly peaty.
  • Nose: aromas of candied apples with a slight caramelization.
  • Palate: ample and fresh.
  • Finish: long and exuberant, lingering aromas of precious wood and tobacco.



Bellevoye Black :

Style: Peaty triple malt, final aging from new to 12 months in new French oak barrels.

43% alc.

  • Peat
  • Nose: intense, ash, toast, mocha.
  • Mouth: mellow.
  • Finish: peat aromas.


Bellevoye Prune :

Style: Non-peaty triple malt, matured in old plum barrels during the last months of maturation.

43 % alc.

  • Subtle marriage between malted ore and plum.
  • Nose: Very intense fruity intensity.
  • Palate: abundantly greedy and refreshing.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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