5 virtual distillery tours you can make at home during coronavirus confinement

It is time to find an escape path on the web during the confinement, so here we recommend 5 distilleries that you can visit virtually.

No whisky enthusiast would be complete in his life without visiting the Scotch whisky distilleries. Of course nothing compares to the real experience. Visit the beautiful Scottish landscapes that characterize this country and its distilleries. But we also propose other types of distilleries: gin, tequila. We hope you will be able to make them for real once this period of confinement caused by the coronavirus is over.


The Glenturret

The Scottish distillery which is supposed to be the oldest in the country, established in 1715, offers one of the most ingenious distillery visits. From the reception to the production room, you can check out every corner, appliance and still in Glenturret and even focus on the information panels on the tour to read the information. Visit it via this link.


Photo by Glenturret all rights reserved



The distillery can be visited in certain aspects thanks to the virtual tour provided by Google Maps. Although not as complete as The Glenturret, it allows you to have a good tour of the stills.



Located on the beautiful island of Islay, Laphroaig offers a virtual 360 degree tour. One of the most famous distilleries on the island, aware that not everyone can at some point go, the same page says: “We understand that not everyone can make the trip to our ‘beautiful hole in the wide bay‘, so here’s a 360 degree tour to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.



And yes, a gin distillery like Sipsmith. You can visit the Sipsmith production centre and its three stills named Prudence, Constance and Patience. The tour is available via YouTube and is hosted by founder Sam Galsworthy and master distiller Jared Brown.


Patrón Tequila

You can make a full immersion visit to Hacienda Patrón in Mexico as well. You can visit the large agave fields, see the production process and watch a mini documentary to see how they created the virtual tour. Take the tour through patrontequila.com


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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