Autumn cocktails you will find in hotel bars around the world

Photo: Katikies Mykonos

A list of cocktails specially designed for the most colorful time of the year, autumn!

With the arrival of autumn, bartenders are passionate about creating cocktails that rhyme with seasonal ingredients. The idea of being surrounded by a welcoming atmosphere and keeping warm also rhymes with an “autumn cocktail”.

The ingredients for this season’s cocktails vary but revolve around common characteristics such as sweet, spicy and strong tastes: nutmeg, cinnamon, berries, apricot, chocolate, cloves, apple, chestnuts…

The following recipes are made in different hotel bars around the world.

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Tokyo – Japan – Hotel Gajoen

Cocktail: Marron Cleopatra

0.34 oz rum

0.85 oz of chestnut liquor

0.50 oz of coffee liqueur

0.34 oz of fresh cream

Cinnamon stick

Adding ingredients in a shaker. Pour the contents into a cocktail glass and introduce a cinnamon stick.


Las Vegas – United States – Venetian Resort

Cocktail: Secret Agent

2 oz of Elijah Craig bourbon

.25 oz of Giffard apricot brandy

.25 oz of allspice dram

2 dashes of bitter chocolate

Combine the ingredients in a whiskey glass, add a 2×2 cube and stir. Decorate with an orange peel.


Rome – Italy – Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria

Cocktail: Centenarius

1 oz of Rivo sloe gin

1 oz of bitter Bitter Campari with infusion of cinnamon and cloves

1 oz of Carpano Antica Formula

Mix the ingredients in a rock glass with ice.


Melbourne – Australia – Crown Towers Bistro Guillaume

Cocktail: Blood Orange Garibaldi Spritz

1.5 oz of Campari

1 oz blood orange puree

Simple syrup

Water soda

Candied Orange

Add the Campari, the mash and the syrup in a glass with ice. Finish with soda water and decorate with the candied orange.


Dolomites – Switzerland – Alpine Dolomites

Cocktail: Fall in the Dolomites

1.5 oz of rum zu Plun

Chestnut paste washed with grease*

2 teaspoons fig puree

2 dashes of bitter chocolate

Apple Soda

*Leave the rum to infuse in the chestnut paste for one night in the fridge. The next day, add the fat to obtain the chestnut-flavored rum. You can also add a teaspoon of chestnut paste to the cocktail.

Combine the ingredients minus the soda in a shaker. Filter and pour all the liquid into a rock glass. Finish with an apple soda top.


New York – United States – Baccarat Hotel

Cocktail: Bespoke

2 oz of Cognac Rémy Martin 1738

3/4 oz of Tempus Fugit, cocoa cream

1/2 oz of Bitter Vallet

2 dashes of Havana bitters

Cinnamon stick, mint stick

Add the ingredients in a mixing glass and stir about 30-40 times. Pour into a large rock glass on ice. Decorate with a stick of cinnamon and mint.


Mykonos – Greece – Katikies Mykonos

Cocktail: Liva

1.7 oz of Ciroc vodka

.68 oz of Mancino vermouth

.34 oz of Monin lavender syrup

.34 oz of Sosa Ingredient’s crystallized violet

Dissolve the crystallized violet in hot water to create a syrup. Then add all the ingredients in a shaker. Shake hard and pour into a glass.


Vietnam – Hoi An – Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An

Cocktail: Birds Nest

1.5 oz of Grey Goose vodka

1/2 oz of Southern Comfort

4 oz of Salaganes or bird’s nest water (available online or in Asian supermarkets)

.34 oz orange juice tangerine

.17 oz of lime juice

Homemade brine (with white vinegar, green apple and orange)

.34 oz of simple syrup

Orange Twist

Combine the ingredients in a shaker with ice cubes. Strain twice in a glass of previously cooled wine, without ice. Garnish with orange twists on a cocktail pick.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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