red rum cocktail with a twist

Spirits Hunters cocktail of the week with a twist: Red Rum/Raspberry

Illustration: Spirits Hunters

Red Rum, our cocktail of the week with a twist, replaces a measure of sloe gin with a lightly raspberry-infused London dry gin.

A cocktail you can make at home with a few basic ingredients. Originally prepared with a scoop of Sloe Gin, we replace this ingredient with raspberry-infused gin.

If you wish, you can also replace it with a measure of blackberry liqueur or blackberry jam.


Ingredients Red Rum Cocktail

For 2 glasses

1 handful of redcurrants

1 scoop of raspberry-infused gin

4 measures of traditional rum (one 8 years old)

1 measure of lemon juice

1 scoop of vanilla syrup

Ice cubes

Strawberry and rosemary for garnish

Type of glass: Martini (let cool in the refrigerator)

Preparation: Add the currants and gin to a shaker. Crush it all. Add the rum, lemon juice, vanilla syrup and a few ice cubes. Shake then filter twice. Pour into the Martini glasses. Decorate each glass with a strawberry cut in half.


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