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It’s not too late for summer cocktails! Two bartenders share their recipes

It’s the end of August but we have more days to enjoy Summer Cocktails! Check out these recipes dedicated to rum fans.

With summer on for a few weeks in some parts of the world, we have chosen two summer cocktails brought by international bartenders.

Morgan Raelin, the bartender at 28 Hong Kong Street, brings her version of a Daiquiri, the Not a Watermelon Daiquiri. “I like making this drink for guests who want to try something different 🙂 I get happiness by being able to share something that can tangibly exemplify taking simple things and turning them into the unexpected!”. Morgan is also a judge at @homebarawards.

Photo: Morgan Raelin

On the other side of the world, Head Bartender of Amal, Giorgos Amarantidis shares his recipe for the Nymphèea his favorite summer cocktail this year: “The name comes from the flowers being close to the Nile river. I imagined being there eating fruits and honey with spices gathered from the region while enjoying the view of the river, smelling the flowers living there“.

Photo: Giorgos Amarantidis


No more talking, we introduce you to both cocktail recipes here below!


Two Summer Cocktails by international bartenders


Not a Watermelon Daiquiri by Morgan Raelin @morgan_raelin

Bartender at 28 Hong Kong Street (28 Hongkong St, Singapore 059667)


45 ml Havana Club 3yr

20 ml lime

15 ml simple

1 medium strawberry for muddling

3 cucumber slices for muddling

Garnish: lemon express & discard

Glass: coupe

Method: muddle • measure • ice • shake • double strain • You can garnish with a strawberry if you like.


Nymphèea Cocktail by Giorgos Amarantidis, @giwrgos_amarantidis

Head bartender at Amal, Αιγαίου 4, Dráma, Greece, 661 00


House Rum blend infused with vanilla and cocoa beans

Elderflower liqueur

Strawberry oleo Saccharum


Homemade Honey syrup with Spices

Balsamic vinegar

Citric acid


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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