Five craft American gins to enjoy right now

We bring you this list of five American gins produced in small batches that you should know about. Discover our shortlist.

Our list brings together those gins from small batch distilleries to highlight the quality of these producers outside of large-scale production and sale. If you have the opportunity to buy one in the United States, we recommend it here in no particular order.



St. George Spirits

Gins that taste perfectly well when dry. St George proposes four styles of gin: Terroir Gin, Botanivore Gin, Dry Rye Gin and Dry Rye Resting. Its gins are distinguished by their originality of styles that break the mold of traditional gins. For example, Terroir Gin contains woody notes of Douglas fir, California laurel, sage and a touch of citrus. And for those who prefer a fruity profile, the Dry Rye has notes of toasted banana.

Starting at $35.


Far North Spirits

Far North Spirits makes spirits for those who seek authenticity and enjoy the experience of tasting a truly superior cocktail. Solveig and Gustav gins contain both fresh and citrus fruit flavors.

Starting at $35.


Genius Liquids – Standard Strength and Navy Strength gins

These producers from Austin, Texas, propose Standard Strength, a complex gin: lavender, lime and agave-style sweetness. And also, the Navy Strength gin, a little stronger than the previous one and with more pronounced flavors that will power up your Martini.

Starting at $20.


Ransom Dry Gin

A gin created from a recipe for malted barley and rye, which Ransom Spirits nicknames “malt wine”. Its herbs (caraway, anise, Oregon berries and local hops) are infused in a corn-based spirit. Ransom Dry is a Dutch-style blend of Genevers and American gins.

Starting at $30.


Caledonia Spirits – Barr Hill Gin

This producer offers a gin made in Vermont called Barr Hill Gin whose color is particular because of its raw honey content. Notes of juniper and a floral balance.

Starting at $38


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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