biere en poudre - beer powder

Beer powder aims to make the industry more sustainable

Stefan Fritsche, managing director of Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle, is convinced that this beer powder will revolutionize the brewing industry.

The latest innovation involves only three steps: add water, add beer powder, mix.

Created by Stefan Fritsche, his idea is to drastically reduce transportation costs, making shipping a crisp German pilsner to Australia or Africa far more affordable and environmentally friendly. Fritsche is confident that this beer powder will revolutionize the brewing industry.

The idea is relatively simple, though the technique behind it is much more complicated, and it is closely monitored by Fritsche and his team at this family-owned brewery monastery with a history that goes back not years, but centuries.

One thing I didn’t like was that I was carrying mostly water and bottles, and I didn’t know how to get rid of the water and bottles,” he told

So finally, we said no, let’s try to make some powder, maybe just a beer flavor… to export that around the world.

Nearly two years later, with the help of funding from the German federal government and 400,000 euros ($652,000) of the brewery’s own money, according to Fritsche, the beer specialists have proven their concept.

It’s “dextrin-rich beer” brewed using traditional methods, then processed into “water-soluble beer powder/granulate.” But that’s all Fritsche will say.

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Bierpulver – beer powder

“Bierpulver”, German for beer powder, is the latest in a long line of beers to catch the eye of Neuzeller Klosterbrauerei Neuzeller, but Fritsche insists it’s not a gimmick.

Their second batch – the first wasn’t quite there yet – is a pilsner, which Fritsche describes as the best non-alcoholic beer he’s ever tasted.

He plans to create alcoholic versions and increase the carbonation, which he admits is still lacking, for future brews.

He also didn’t specify where he hopes to sell his beer, but said he has “contacts with some very interesting people around the world. People in the brewing business, of course, and people in the production business who know exactly what’s going on right now.”




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