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Djin, the first French alcohol-free spirit on the market

The market for non-alcoholic spirits takes off in France with the creation of Romuald Vincent’s Djin. Read the news here.

Director of the Maison Dame de Pique, creator of traditional aperitifs and vermouth, Romuald Vincent premieres a spirit without alcohol. This French producer, who began his career as a liqueurist in 2015, is preparing to conquer the alcohol-free market.

Djin, the non-alcoholic spirit, comes after the creation of his flagship product, Dame de Pique, and Elixir de la Dame.

With this launch, the producer takes a step forward, producing the first non-alcoholic spirit made in France. In an effervescent market, where the tendency is to drink less alcohol and taste better. And we have already seen it bloom with brands like Seedlip.

This was born from a challenge between friends, and this responds to a need“, says Romuald Vincent, according to Business & Marchés.

Although it is already available in some Parisian cocktail bars such as Buddha Bar Hotel, Mary Céleste, l’Arbane, Les Passerelles, BlueBird or the Lipstick, it will be fully available in coffee, hotels and restaurants from 2020.

To create this Djin, they follow “the same methods and steps” of a spirit.

Romuald Vincent comments on the manufacturing process: “I started with a result to develop a new manufacturing technique. I initially work on the aromatic base of a gin, from which the active principles of the plants are extracted thanks to a combination of organic solvents and a patented innovative process. It was necessary to achieve the restructuring of the taste of an alcohol (freshness, kick, length, structure…)“.

Djin has a spicy pepper base, with citrus notes, cardamom, pine and savory. It is also an organic product “Bio”, without sugar or gluten.


The market for alcohol-free spirits

Little by little, non-alcoholic spirits find their place in a segment that demands growth. In fact, consumers try to find ways to taste better without the consequences of alcohol, or alcohols with lower alcohol volume, such as Low-ABV drinks.

With moves like Dry January, consumers are more motivated to taste better and learn to find flavors in non-alcoholic cocktails. Like the Seedlip brand, a non-alcoholic gin. Both initiatives were born in the United Kingdom where products of this type account for 1.3% of the total market for alcoholic beverages.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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