Colette and her hot toddy with champagne

An ancient remedy, popularized by the French heroine Colette. The anti-flu with hot champagne well known by his acquaintances.

While Europe was being reborn in 1945, a certain Francis Carco, writer and great friend, told Colette in October: “Dear Colette, don’t forget your hot flu champagne. I tried one of them after his advice and spent 48 hours of well-being.

Colette’s recipe appeared at the time in magazines such as Marie-Claire in 1940. Colette, recited her preparation:

Sacrifice half a bottle of a good dry champagne for preparation, which will briefly boil over a high heat in a small pot. When the first big boil appears, turn off the heat and add a good dose of armagnac. Drink it steaming hot. I advise pre-flu to lie down before drinking it. Well, I have seen those sensitive to alcohol and saddened by the fever that fell, as it were, dead. But no one failed to wake up the next day, healed.

The use of alcohol by champagne, and not only champagne but also armagnac bring to life this remedy to shake off evil. Although it seems nothing more than another hot toddy or a hot cocktail, it is a remedy that cures the flu! But Colette was armed with more than one recipe to cure evils.

The writer also left other recipes during the course of her life. The book Colette Gourmand by Marie-Christine and Didier Clément, (Albin Michel), compiles the recipes that Colette liked to serve her loved ones.

An important female figure like Colette left a legacy in the world of spirits with nothing more and nothing less than champagne and armagnac, two spirits worthy of France.


*Originally from Une cuillerée pour papa.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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