Stress drinking? Try these alternatives

It is strange times/strange phase for everyone in the planet, and some may indulge in stress drinking. Discover alternatives to this problem.

Health Coach Nancy Laurenson suggests alternatives to stress drinking on an article fo the Tahoe Daily Tribune. The coronavirus pandemic has surely brought more stress to daily routine and alternatives on the web as Quarantini cocktails may lead to a spike in alcohol consumption.

Hold on. We are not telling you not to stop having your Quarantini at the end of the day to relax. However, we do know it can be easy to indulge in some behaviors.

So, put the stress eating and stress drinking aside for a minute. Think about the alternatives that can help you alleviate that stress.


Nancy Laurenson reccommends:

Enjoy Nature! Walk around your neighborhood whenever you can. Take a breath of fresh air, enjoy a walk under the sun, and “enjoy bief moments of quiet”. Don’t forget to use best practices! (social distancing and such…)

Be Grateful! Express gratitude towards something that you are grateful for. Despite these hard times, many of us are lucky to have a roof over our heads, living somewhere beautiful, sharing with people you love even confined, and even still working on your job!

Reach out. Don’t forget to talk to your loved ones. Friends, family, send a text, videochat, post a picture of yourself with your loved ones. Don’t forget your community either, talk to a neighbor or even help them out.


A mocktail. Now, for more real talk here is a recipe of a delicious drink to alternate that stress drinking, a cocktail without alcohol.


Lemon Lime Mocktail

Photo by Jake Charles on Unsplash


1 whole lime

1 whole lemon

Handful of fresh mint

2 cups of water (sparkling or natural)

1-3 teaspoons of honey or agave nectar


For two persons. Fill two 8 ounce glasses with crushed ice and add half the honey or agave nectar to each cup. Cut lemons and limes in half and use the juice of half a lemon and half the lime in each glass. Add as much or less juice as you like as the recipe is pretty tart.

Add the fresh mint and lemon and lime slices. Top with fresh or sparkling water. Use a spoon to stir the mocktail until the honey or agave are combined.

Enjoy and relax!


*Thank you Nancy Laurenson for your insight.


Do you know alternatives to stress drinking? Tell us what you do during these times to cope with this problem. Contact us!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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