The book L’apéro au Québec enhances Québec’s gin crafting

Learn more about the art of Gin Tonic in Quebec City and beyond, of gin. We tell you about it in our article.

The book L’apéro au Québec highlights the art of gin distillation in Canada. In Quebec City, there are at least 60 gin distilleries in the province. A reason to discover and list the variety of brands that produce this juniper-based spirit.

In L’apéro au Québec we find distilleries such as Distillerie du St. Laurent, Miels d’Anicet, Ferme Apricole Desrochers, La Société Secrète, Cassis Mona & Filles, Brasserie Dunham and more.

On the other hand, we find cocktail recipes, which are categorized by season. A great way to find your perfect cocktail for summer, winter, fall or spring.

The authors of the book are Rose Simard and the renowned Max Coubes, who founded a bartending school in Montreal, L’École du Bar.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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