5 of the best international vermouths you should have

Do you need the best bottle of vermouth to complete your bar? That’s why we bring you this top 5 of the best international vermouths.

Vermouth has an important status in Spain. And although it has been revered for centuries by this country, its production encompasses other countries around the world. Germany and France, obviously passing through Italy, -the disputed cradle of this alcohol with Spain- and even Argentina.

Find in our shortlist some of the best vermouths from each of these countries.



Vermouth Pichincha – Argentina

Argentina started creating vermouth a couple of decades ago. With Pichincha this alcohol stands out among the different distilleries that produce vermouth in the country, such as Unico vermouth. The distinctive feature of Pichincha is its Malbec base. Read Francois Monti’s appreciation of this vermouth in our article “Pichincha, “the new Argentinian vermouth“.

At the moment it is only possible to buy Pichincha in Argentina, so if you have a friend who returns from a trip, you know what to ask him.



Belsazar – Alemania

The word vermouth comes from the German “wermut” (wormwood). Did you know that? Many people don’t know Germany as a vermouth producing country, but the last few years we have seen different brands emerging like Ferdinand’s Saar Dry. Belsazar is a new vermouth that in a short time has known how to seduce thanks to its varieties, riesling, red, dry, white and rosé, these last two awarded in the IWSC and SFWSC.

The white is distinctive for its smooth and sweet taste with accents of vanilla, notes of dry peach and orange, highlighted by the presence of herbs and spices. Rosé, on the other hand, is bittersweet and perfect for summer with a mixture of pink grapefruit. A seville orange and orange blossom finish with raspberry and redcurrant.



Dolin – Francia

As for the French vermouth, we can find a great variety: the mythical Dubonnet, Noilly Prat, and even Guérin, a more recent vermouth. But this time we recommend Dolin.

A vermouth obtained through the maceration in white wine of at least 30 herbs, flowers and spices from the Alps. A great classic of the French aperitif, perfect for preparing sophisticated cocktails.

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Regram / Dolin Blanc in 🇦🇺 Melbourne #Repost @adamdelmastro (with @report.for.insta) … If you ever came to see me when we opened @highergroundmelbourne. If you ever joined me for a drink @joetaylorbar, or @bombabar, or @kirkswinebar. If you ever interviewed me for a job, or taught my kids at school, or met me while we waited for a tram together at 7:46am, odds are you’ve heard me bang on about the single greatest drink of all-motherfucking-time (and the shit ain’t EVEN close). ・⠀ @vermouthdolin’s vermouth blanc. ・⠀ The rest of their range is great too, but this is the only one that, with nothing but ice, exploding with botanical notes of pure joy, rivals any drink in complexity. In a world of perfect things, it is easily the most perfect thing I’ve ever had the delicious pleasure of drinking. Thanks @jessegerner and @kellyologhlen for the introduction all those years ago. I don’t even have anything clever to say about it like wtf is this post even about? #vermouth #dolinvermouth #dolindechambéry #vermouthdechambéry

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Cinzano Rosso – Italia

Impossible not to mention the mythical Cinzano brand on our shortlist. One of the Italian vermouth monarchs! For your red vermouth variety, the Cinzano Rosso will please your palate with its notes of black cherry and vanilla, and a balance of herbs that equilibrate the sweetness while limiting it and preventing it from invading the palate. Perfect in cocktails or in a glass on the rocks with soda.



De Muller – España

If we could show you all the brands of Spanish vermouth… But for this shortlist we have chosen the De Muller vermouth. De Muller Reserva vermouth is aged and fortified with molasses liquor and will surprise you with its reserved sweetness. Its taste leans towards a nutty profile and is perfect for drinking neat. Although it is an ideal friend of the Manhattan cocktail, without the sweetness of a classic red vermouth. Very original.

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Los vermuts de De Muller se han hecho usando la misma receta prácticamente desde nuestra fundación. Para su elaboración utilizamos más de 150 productos botánicos, muchos de los cuales son autóctonos de nuestro clima mediterráneo. ¡Auténtica tradición, y auténticos vermuts de Reus! . . Els vermuts de De Muller s'han fet utilitzant la mateixa recepta pràcticament des de la nostra fundació. Per a la seva elaboració utilitzem més de 150 productes botànics, molts dels quals són autòctons del nostre clima mediterrani. Autèntica tradició, i autèntics vermuts de Reus! . . . #demuller #reserva #vermutreserva#demullerreserva #vermutdereus #reus#vermouth #instagood #delicious

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.