different bloody mary cocktail types

The Bloody Mary cocktail: ¿simple or over the top?

How do you taste your Bloody Mary cocktail? Simple or over the top? We looked at the evolution of this classic cocktail.

We’ve seen it evolve from a cocktail with olives and celery to a cocktail with meat skewers. Little by little, food craziness and extravagance have turned this cocktail into a plate of food. Restaurants and bars, use the classic cocktail as a trendy drink.

The glass, is accompanied from mini sandwiches or burgers, sliders, to chicken wings. Pizza, meat skewers, jalapeños, shrimp, lobster… there seems to be no limit to the Bloody Mary.

But it’s definitely the spirit of brunch, which has allowed the evolution of the Bloody Mary. In fact, the essence of the cocktail is its restorative function after a night out, in short, to cure a hangover. The base of the Bloody Mary is vodka, tabasco, tomato juice, lemon, worchestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Ingredients that create a powerful cocktail for Saturday morning after a long night.

The trend of Bloody Mary cocktails with full glasses of food seems to continue and evolve, until every bar and restaurant has its own recipe. Just take a walk through Instagram #bloodymary and appreciate thousands of versions of the cocktail.


The Colossal Bloody Mary

In fact, some bars offer to make you the cocktail yourself. For example, at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar in Las Vegas. Here, for $70, they’ll bring you a cart with everything you need to make your Bloody Mary.

At the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, they serve a colossal Bloody Mary. It’s almost a full meal. It contains a deviled egg, beef jerky, a shrimp, and a mini breakfast sandwich.

Or for the more daring, in Boston, the MET Back Bay Bar serves this Bloody Mary. Accompanied by: a burger slider, bacon, celery, lemon, onion, pickle. Will there be anything else to add?

And if that’s not enough. There is also a special vodka to make Bloody Marys. The 360 vodka brand has launched the “Barbecue Vodka“. It is a “hot, sweet, sour and real” vodka, as described on the 360 Vodka website. KC Barbeque Vodka is inspired by the famous Kansas City barbecue sauce and its creator Henry Perry.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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